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Prairie Farms

Edwardsville, Illinois


Prairie Farms is comprised of more than 900 farm families throughout the Midwest. Since 1938, they have been producing high quality products and providing fresh, safe and nutritious milk to their customers.

Their animals receive specialized diets of forage and grains, often times customized by animal nutritionists. When not milking, the cows can be found relaxing in a barn with fresh bedding or in the pasture with access to plenty of clean water and food.


The Prairie Farms Cow Care Program details guidelines that their farmers follow for every calf and cow on their farm. They set the highest standards for care of their cows when it comes to health, facilities and housing, nutrition, equipment and milking procedures. Their farms are evaluated at least once every three years and provided feedback on how they're doing by veterinarians, extension educators, university personnel and their field staff members. The evaluation provides their farmers with the information they need to develop action plans for continuous improvement. The integrity of the program is ensured through third-party verification, which is completed by outside experts.


As dairy farmers, they must adhere to strict food safety regulations and maintain clean, safe facilities. Equipment is washed and sanitized to meet and exceed safety standards after each milking. Their dedication to happy cows means they will work closely with their veterinarian to use medical intervention when absolutely necessary to improve the health and life of the animal. Should they need to use medical invention, they must follow strict withdraw periods to ensure all antibiotics are out of the cows system prior to using her milk.

Prairie Farm milk is always tested prior to leaving the farm to ensure a quality, safe product ends up in your home. Since 2008, Prairie Farms has adhered to a no-added hormones policy.


Just like your favorite device, on-farm technology is constantly changing and evolving. By using technology on their farms, they are able to work more efficiently, safely, and most importantly, keep their cows at a maximum comfort level. Some farmers may use robots to milk, allowing cows to be milked whenever they are ready. Other farmers may track their animal’s activity and health levels with the use of fitness trackers. Every farm is a little bit different, but all are working to achieve the same goals: quality milk and happy cows.