Our goal is to provide the highest value meals possible, driven by student choice, variety, quality, innovation, and responsiveness to student needs.

Dining on campus is more than just eating, it's a way to build community. Quest believes incorporating the following pillars below creates a successful dining program.

  • Fresh, wholesome meals that allow students to sit with their peers around a table to work on a project or socialize and build community;

  • Made– and assembled-to-order options to allow students to customize their dining experience;

  • Quick, tasty and nutritious grab-and-go meals available throughout the workday for students with pressed schedules; and

  • A fun and interactive experience for students where they will be engaged via relationships with our team, our marketing efforts and technology we deploy.

We offer full-service catering programs to meet the needs of higher education's fundraising needs, as well as express catering to suit the demands of budget-conscious student clubs and staff/faculty department meetings. Our model promotes maximum flexibility and financial stewardship for our clients, and our team has decades of leadership experience in serving higher ed institutions.


We have a motto at Dominican University, “Make school as much like home as possible.” Our dining services team has created a family style atmosphere with great home-style quality food that provides comfort to our students and exceptional hospitably to our greater community.
— Dominican University

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