Let's Build a Program Together

We know that not every organization and account will have the same flexibility in terms of production and points of service. But that's where our creativity and expertise comes in!  Quest will work to build a program that will offer several different approaches to service that will add variety and excitement to your menu.

Our  database of recipes help to support the concepts. The variety of options, combined with the creativity of our on-site culinary team, and the flexibility of made-to-order daily offerings, will add to a unique menu-mix every day.

Quest believes that our team on-site will have the best pulse on what a community is looking for. And we want to provide them with the flexibility to respond. With the use of menu productions tools, recipe scaling and costing software, and corporate purchasing support, the on-site Quest Dining Team will be able to react to the community’s needs in a heartbeat, while ensuring we offer choices that deliver maximum value for all guests.

Learn more about the customized mix of fresh, assemble-to-order, contemporary concepts we offer each day to satisfy our guests each day.


Custom Menus

We design custom menus for your community.


As the number of people with food allergies continues to increase, we continue to put in place safeguards to help protect our consumers.  Quest is developing an allergen labeling program that will allow customers to which of the 8 major allergens may be present in items we serve. Identified with 8 color-coded icons, guests with food allergies will be able to navigate independently through the servery.


As Quest began to actually roll out its program changes, we saw a program marked by fresh food, great variety, and attentive service to our community.
— Cheryl L. Witham, Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations/CSBO | New Trier High School Winnetka


Our Food Philosophy

At Quest Food Management Services, we provide the communities with fresh, high quality food, exceptional responsiveness and intensely personal service.

We are passionate about food and we believe in wholesome, nutritious ingredients. That is why we are committed to using items that are healthier for both our bodies and the planet.

By purchasing with the following standards in mind, and preparing items so that they are as fresh as possible when served, we support local agriculture, increase nutrition, and intensify flavor.


Using trans-fat free oils, including non-GMO soy oil, that are produced in a green facility in Michigan.


Only serve proteins that are USDA certified.


Purchasing sustainable seafood that follows the Marine Stewardship Council’s guidelines and recommendations.


Offering a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. 


Sourcing from local farmers and small producers, and by participating in year-round, community sourced agriculture (CSA) programs.


Offering a variety of whole grain breads, pastas, and cereals.


Writing menus that feature seasonal and regionally available ingredients.

Coffee Beans.jpg

Offering organic, shade grown, fair trade, and rainforest alliance coffees and teas.


Accommodating nutritional and dietary requests.


Never using MSG.


Serving produce that is fresh, fresh frozen or packed in 100% juice or water.


Sourcing milk that is local and free of added growth hormones.

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