"Quest's attention to detail really shines when asked to cater special events. We're proud to partner with Quest for these higher profile events."
(Robert Haugh, CFO, Francis W. Parker)

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"The real difference is the philosophy of the company, and having someone on site that is a chef, not a kitchen manager."
(Todd Drafall, Business Manager, Minooka District 111)

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School lunches

"The entire Quest staff definitely puts the students first, seeking input and feedback regarding how they are doing, in their menu items, long with putting together fun and engaging themes to encourage students to eat healthier."
(Mr. Thomas M. Cardamone, Assistant Principal Deer Path Middle School)

Cafe Design

"Quest assisted us in the design, rebuild and equipping of our kitchen and serving area. They were able to obtain competitive pricing for industrial-grade appliances and the peripherals we needed to do in-house food preparation on a daily basis."
(Judith Mucheck, Ph.D President, Carmel Catholic High School)

Quest has been customizing foodservice programs in high schools and grade schools all around Chicagoland since 1985.

Our success stems from our willingness to work with our clients as true partners. Our business began over 27 years ago in an effort to bring our own children fresher, more wholesome, made from scratch food.

Foodservice That Fits!

  • Focus on Quality Ingredients and Options on the Line
  • Passion to LISTEN and understand each Client
  • Understanding and Driving Participation
  • Innovative Marketing Programs
  • Quest for Life: Food & Education from the Ground Up

"If you want better service than your district is currently receiving now, with attention highly focused on students and six figures of income, instead of just breaking even - then I highly recommend Quest Food Management Services as your district's next food service vendor."

Dr. Craig Schilling
Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs
Glenbrook High School District 225

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