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Quest is passionate about providing our clients with the best dining services possible and building long-term, lasting relationships that evolve as the surrounding community evolves. We offer a leadership team with the competence and experience necessary to ensure that a dining program will be successful, as well as a deep commitment to making each account feel like a valued client and jot just a number in our portfolio.


How do we accomplish this? by intentionally becoming part of our clients' cultures and communities; by promoting our clients' organizations, not just our own; and by always remembering that being a good representative of our organization means representing our clients well.

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Quest Food Managment Services, Inc.

2500 S. Highland Ave, Suite 250

Lombard, IL 60148

Phone Number: 630.627.7708


"Since joining Hinsdale 86's team, Quest has assisted with implementing a wellness policy, improved participation, greatly improved the quality of our nutritional services, formed a student food committee, as well as a staff food committee. With their direction, we have maintained a very competitive food program, both in terms of design and costs."


Eric Martzolf

Assistant Principal

Hinsdale South High School