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Our dining vision is to provide the highest value meals  possible, driven by student choice, variety, quality, innovation, and responsiveness to student needs.


Picante is our made-to-order authentic Mexican concept featuring proteins seasoned and roasted in-house, and salsas made from scratch. With components that offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, this station will be a student favorite.

Featuring the unique flavors, ingredients, and traditions found in regional, American cuisine. Our Homegrown concept features a rotating menu of Chicago staples; Kansas City, Memphis, and Texas BBQ; New England seafood classics; Carolina low-country fare; and the fresh, produce-centered favorites from Southern California.

Food unites people and promotes a greater understanding of cultures that may be different than our own. And for international students, we strive to provide authentic international offerings that showcase and educate students about flavors from around the world.

Starting with artisanal breads and wraps (including options for students that are gluten-free) and topped with high-quality meats and cheeses, fresh produce, and garnished with traditional and gourmet condiments, makes our deli concept more than a back-up option – rather it’s a destination for made-to-order deli deliciousness.

Everyone loves a home-cooked meal. Hearth aims to deliver just that. Featuring traditional favorite comfort foods, Hearth brings a taste of home to the table in the Dining Hall. The best part: you don’t have to do the dishes!

Pizza is not just a staple for college students, it’s a Chicagoland staple. With traditional hand-tossed favorites, gourmet thin crust options, gluten-free options, calzones, and everything in between – The Crust offers more than just pizza.

Burgers, chicken sandwiches, and sliders are all favorites off of the grill. We plan to offer those as well as enhanced versions of traditional favorites... because a cheeseburger is great, but a jalapeno bacon cheeseburger is amazing. Featuring lean 100% beef, turkey, and vegetarian options, the Grill offers something for everyone.

Vegetarian and vegan menu options can be enjoyed by flexitarians and carnivores alike. Delicious, plant-based proteins combined with vegetables and grains provide well-balanced entrees to typically under-served group. Additionally this station will feature simple basics like: yogurt, granola, hummus, peanut butter, and tofu.

Fresh, colorful greens with a variety of vibrant, colorful fruit and vegetable toppings, including in-season, locally-sourced options make for a great foundation of our salad bar and fresh produce concept. The addition of animal- and plant-based proteins, a variety of toppings and dressings, and a mix of interesting, scratch made sides and side salads provide a bounty of healthy choices every day.

Nothing compliments a great dining experience like a sweet finish to the delicious meal. Our dessert offerings will feature made-from-scratch, baked-in house items that are portable for students on the run, and will include the development of a signature dessert for your facility.

We understand that classes, work, and athletics can make a student’s already busy schedule even busier. And while meal exchanges can be an option, we suggest offering both hot and cold meals-to-go. They will fill their cold and heat tolerable, washable container for the cost of a meal swipe, or $5 for faculty and staff. We would like to offer a variety of cold, sack meals-to-go, such as deli meals or salads, for students living at the Priory campus. Students would simply go online the day prior to picking up the meal and select, through a series of options, what they would like.

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